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Back to life

After a system failure, which caused a catastrophic fall of the DB, I was left with the problem that I could not recover the system just at the point before the failure. That were added to a period in which I had few time to spend on the issue, what made that the site remained 'hanged' waiting for a repair of the DB; until now, that at least I have able to fix it completely. I have recovered all the content until a day before of the fall; any comment added later (and part of a post that I was writting) has been lost forever.

To avoid that a fail as this one has the site out of Internet such long time I going to put to work a system to make routine security copies such that I can reactivate the site cpoying and pasting. Read us soon!

Site revamp

After a few days in which the site has been out of line or directly down, I have been able to leave it a acceptable state of operation. As it is evident a lot of things has changed; to summarize a bit:

  • Has been changed the web design, incorporating a little more modern and hopefully functional look.
  • The internationalization has been fully added; there are still remaining some parts of the interface to translate from English into Spanish, but is now virtually complete. Besides the interface, some content is published in several languages at once, initially in Spanish and English. In the language selector, if you switch to another and there is a translation of content, this will also switch; for the moment it will only affect the numismatic section, where I will be gradually translating existing content and issuing new simultaneously in both languages.
  • I introduced a series of changes in the internal struture of the site that are not visible, but I hope it will improve server performance and pages load times, apart to simplify the management of the system.
  • I created a fairly long list of additions and changes to be made, that I will go gradually introducing into the system in the coming months; that will be announced according its activation times.
  • Although it was added some time ago, I advertise it now: anyone can login to the system using OpenID; for the moment it will only serve to post comments identified in an unambiguous manner, but when the forum will be ready it will be needed to register or log in via OpenID to use it.
I hope all this will result in a higher quality site; during the next few days it may come to light some problems arising from the change to the structure of the site; I do not expect anything of importance, so I will be solving it according to its surfacing. For my part I hope to increase my participation in the site; my goal is to publish a couple of times per week at least, mostly in the numismatic section, but I hope to resume the military section and see if I have room for a couple of ideas.

Entramos en periodo de cambios

Breve nota para informar que durante los próximos días el sitio entrará un periodo (de momento de duración indefinida pero espero que no muy larga) de cambios y rediseño. Entre otras cosas, meteré una traducción completa al español del interface de usuario, una reestructuración de la organización básica del sitio, y una ligera modificación del diseño gráfico. Es posible que durante dicho periodo la página pueda estar en mantenimiento o directamente caida; excepto que sea por un fallo grave, intentaré que sean lo más cortos posibles. Iré actualizando esta entrada conforme avance el plan de cambios.

Modificaciones ya instaladas

  • Instalado un sistema de control de spam en los comentarios.
  • Segmentado temático del sitio.
  • Cambio del servicio de hosting. En el anterior parte de las modificaciones que estoy realizando no podían acometerse adecuadamente, y he pasado a usar un sistema más potente

Modificaciones en ejecución

  • Traducción del interface de usuario anómino
  • Adecuación de la página de ingreso

Modificaciones previstas a corto plazo

  • Activación del sistema de foros y de cuentas de usuario para poder usarlos


Esta es la primera entrada de la nueva iteración de Blogpolis. La antigua página sufrió de problemas informáticos primero (corrupción de la base de datos Drupal) y depués de la falta de tiempo para repararla y continuar con la publicación. Vuelvo a la carga con animos renovados, algo más de tiempo y temas nuevos que me apasionan sobremanera sobre los que escribir, como la Numismática, temática del siguiente, y realmente primer contenido de esta nueva etapa de Blogpolis.

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